Humanizing banking institutions presents many challenges, but this campaign had the added complexity of being B2B. As a challenger brand, Capital One wanted to reach small business owners to promote its Spark Business card. My partner and I came up with a three phase campaign: 1) Identify & Reward Using social media we created a competition for small business owners to submit their stories about how they used their Spark Business card rewards. 2) Tell Their Stories Two Ways Once the small business owners started entering the competition we realized a larger two-fold opportunity. First, to tell a compelling business story around how each customer used their Spark rewards. And second, to convey a deeper, more human brand narrative by focusing on each entrepreneur’s personal motivations, perspectives, and goals. We interviewed the business owners, creating two videos for each to capture these dual purposes. 3) Expand & Amplify Once we produced Rewards and Personal videos for each business owner, we pushed them out through the most relevant channels, predominantly Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We also created a site to host all of the videos. Finally, we stitched together an anthem video out of all the footage captured, which was shown internally as a rallying cry to Capital One associates.
INTERNAL ANTHEM VIDEo Is this a loud, bombastic, overstatement? Yes. Does it play a little like a knockoff athletic brand? Yes. Did the client ask for a track that sounded like Imagine Dragons? Also yes. Did they love the final result? Absolutely.
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