I <3 BRANDING & DESIGN I don't just work well with Art Directors, I understand what they do. I love and appreciate design, and am well-versed in design principles, tools, and trends. Click the logos below to see some of the brands I've helped bring to life.
Team One regularly hosts a speaker series focused on innovation. We were tasked with coming up with the branding and collateral for each speaker. This effort was led by the agency's internal leadership - the most indecisive clients of all. MOONSHOT SPEAKER SERIES
Don't worry... everything's gonna be mediocre
DRIFT : MAKING CREATIVE FOR CREATIVES Drift Creative is a small design shop based in Texas. I helped them develop a playful brand voice to match the attitude and levity of their work.
TEAM ONE AGENCY REBRAND During this project I worked with Designers to hone logos, present them to leadership, and provide effective language to describe the conceptual aspects of each execution.
CORRAL is a nonprofit that pairs at-risk teen girls with rescue horses. I was the first employee hired at this startup nonprofit, and I helped them develop their roots. This was the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever had. I started as a volunteer rehabilitating the horses in the program, mentoring the young women, and writing grants. Eventually I was hired as their Director of Operations - a position that required me to wear many hats. I was their in-house writer working on everything from grants and speeches to fundraising ideas and brochure copy. I also continued working directly with the participants and horses, earning recognition as a professionally registered horse whisperer. Yes, that's a thing. Does this kind of thing belong in a copywriter's portfolio? Maybe not. But I can tell you that my experience working for CORRAL laid a foundation for creative problem solving, as well as a deep comprehension of human nature, both which have served me well in my career.
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